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About Us

Our Philosophy

Hada Labo stands for the lifestyle philosophy of “PERFECT x SIMPLE” a skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics – perfect, simple and confident. 

To fulfill the commitment of healthy and perfect skin, Hada Labo emphasizes simplicity in its skin care process, removing all the unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin. Only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness. Only the best for your skin and nothing else…..

Now, you can truly enjoy a perfect and simple lifestyle, confidently…

The Company

The Hada Labo skincare series is a result of co-development between The Mentholatum Co and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co, Japan adhering to stringent pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for zero pollution. 

Using the technology developed through the production of OTC drugs, Hada Labo skincare line is produced in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, under strict GMP guidelines to ensure Quality, Reliability & Effectiveness in our products.

Appointed E-Commerce Agent

Store & Send Logistic Sdn Bhd (868274-H) is the appointed e-commerce agent to manage, sell and fulfill Hada Labo products on behalf of Rohto-Mentholatum (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. For any enquiries on online transactions via this web site, please contact Store & Send Logistic Sdn Bhd at:-

Telephone: 03-80630599


Office Address: No 22, Jalan Meranti Puchong, D’24 @Meranti Puchong, 47120 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia